The globs module allows control of system-wide settings or default share settings.

The Users tab controls the default share permissions which will be effective if they are not overriden in the share section. See share for more detail.

The settings are not applied until the Apply or Validate buttons are pressed.

The check box to the left determines if the parameter is defined or not.

The Groups tab determine if Active Direcrectory groups are enumerated and whether group nesting is allowed.

The check box to the left determines if the parameter is defined or not. The checkbox to the right determines the value of the parameter.

The Winbind tab controls some winbind parameters and how user names will be formed. If use default domain is on, the domain name will be droppedbefore the user name. The separator between domain name and user name can be configured to a number of options.
The Shares tab controls a number of settings for shares. These involve the signing introduced by W2003 and various service packs. The masks are applied to determine permisions on file or directory creation.
This is the permission editor that will produce the octal values above.
The Idmap controls how unix uid are to be determined, and their range. The idmap_rid option was introduced in the later Samba 3.0.0 versions to uniquely map Windows rid to Unix id. It requires a special module to be present (this may vary with the distribution as the option is not compiled in all of them).
The Templates controls various user parameters. template primary groups has been obsoleted as of version 3.0.20 of Samba.
The Hosts tab controls which hosts are allowed to connect to this host and how name resolution is to be carried out. Note that wins support and wins server are mutually exclusive and should not be used together as ths could break the smb.conf file.