File Install PAM Utilities Diagnostics Output Remote Manage ?
exit/ input date domain configuration install PAM modules to allow AD logins on Linux machine daemon control diagnostics output window remote operations manage help
PreCheck (3) Test (6) Daemon status Network test Save to file Settings Globals About
open settings file
check libraries and packages prerequisites (including Samba) if checked, install below submits results of config file for approval but real config files are not altered samba daemon status basic network test (connectivity, DNS resolution) save output window to file remote operations settings manage global parameters

Save as .. PostCheck Install PAM (5) (7) Signal daemons DNS test Clear Clone SADMS Users Version
  check consistence of configuration after install Install PAM modules (*)
force Samba daemons to read config files afresh attempt to locate Active Directory services through DNS clear output clone sadms to remote host through SSH/SCP manage users SADMS version
Detect (1) Install (4) Uninstall PAM Start daemons Kerberos test Monospace Remote preinstall Shares Help
detection of data install SADMS uninstall PAM modules (*)
start Samba daemons Kerberos test monospace font for output run preinstall on remote host manage shares on current host help
Validate (2) Uninstall PAM winbind Stop daemons Domain test Verbose   Acls Docs
validate data uninstall SADMS whether install above should include PAM winbind stop Samba daemons test domain membership verbose output for some commands   manage Access control lists HTML documentation
Exit Install Kerberos PAM mkhomedir Restart daemons NMB test     Get users
exit install Kerberos config file only (to run pretests) whether install above should include PAM mkhomedir restart Samba daemons Netbios name space test     get user list in output (more detail in verbose mode)

No shares PAM mount Synchronize clocks Authentication test     Get groups

whether install above should include sample shares whether install above should include PAM mount synchronize local clock against KDC clock authenticate domain user against domain     get group list in output (more detail in verbose mode)

View settings View PAM services Purge Samba caches SMB test    

view Samba, Kerberos, NSS view PAM service config files flush Samba caches Netbios sharing test    

  View settings   Test    

  view PAM specific config files   user-defined test in    

1-2-3-4-5-6 : standard operation sequence
(*) Care has been taken to yield PAM conf files that make sense but will this handle quixotic conf files (there is no simple way of having a perfect result). Altering PAM config files alters the permission system and can result in the system crashing. Installing PAM is not recommended unless you know what your are doing and go through a prior test phase. Precautions to be taken : save the /etc/pam.d directory and leave a root session open on a terminal just in case ...